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wooowThe Anarchestra is set up as an interactive art installation that the public gets to play. It can be tuned all to the same key making it hard to hit the wron... ... See MoreSee Less

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2 months ago

Secret Agent

Featuring former members of The Psychedelic Furs and ’Til Tuesday. All footage shot handheld inside a 360° VR environment.

Special Agent Duncan Kilburn - Sax.
Special Agent Jo Quail - Electronic Cello.
Special Agent Robert Holmes - Guitar.
All other instruments and video by Bureau Chief Frank Coleman.

Recorded at an undisclosed location.
Mastered by John Ashton at Highwoods Audio, Woodstock, NY.

For further updates, request Level 1 Security Clearance at SecretAgentBand.com

(c)(p) 2018 Secret Agent / Mi5 Recordings (Universal Music Group)
All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
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Frank, this is really incredible! A great hybrid of chill, jazz and ambitious departure. LOVE IT!!

Very cool Frank!

That’s some supercool lounge music!!!!!

very interesting!

I like

Ron Arra Jr.


I can neither confirm nor deny that I saw an advance version of this ... let me just say, STILL love it!


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2 months ago

Frank Coleman

The nice people at Dyckman Electronics have a new Tama kit in their window, and they let me come in and blow off some steam from time to time. Nothing beats real drums, but I love all the different flavors of electronica, and Drum n Bass beats are massive fun for the drummer. Big fan of Jojo Mayer. Bear in mind, the kit is set up backwards for me (I play left-handed).

#drums #drumnbass #nyc #inwoodrocks #21stCenturyJazz #breakbeat #livemusic #tama #dyckmanelectronics
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Those cymbals are traaaash and that kit needs tuned up. Glad you are having fun though.

Dominic Mone, Walter Popek, make sure this gets to JLGM. 😉

Love this. Awesome playing!

Sweet sounds! Were those all Meinl cymbals?

Great Sound !


Thank ye, Sir!


Nice Frank!!

Thanks, brother!

Lefty traditional grip!! Sounds great, neighbor!

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