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Joe Franklin

Joe Franklin

Joe Franklin was an American radio and television host personality from New York City. His show began in 1950 on WJZ-TV (later WABC-TV) and moved to WOR-TV (later WWOR-TV) from 1962 to 1993. Those are the stats. In reality, he was the living embodiment of the golden era of showbiz and, in fact, the inventor of the contemporary television talk show.

Thankfully, some of those shows have now begun to surface in an official YouTube archive. On tap are interviews with Fay Wray, Tiny Tim, Andy Devine, Irish McCalla (from She Demons!), Joan Fontaine, Donald O’Connor and Jay Leno. The J. Geils Band also makes an appearance, lip-syncing “Freeze Frame.”

One can only hope this archive will continue to grow.

Browse the Joe Franklin Show archives on You Tube.

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  • Don DUpont on

    I have many Joe Franklin Shows which I was on and wanted to know if I needed permission to post them on You Tube. Any information you can offer would be great!

    • Frank Coleman on

      Honestly, I have no idea. Probably the simplest way to find out is post one episode, wait 48 hours and see if any of the copyright bots complain. If they do, most often they will simply run ads on your post. If not, try a few more. The worst they can do is block the clip.

  • chris on

    Question: does anyone know how to access all of the joe frankin episodes?

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