Twilight Zone Interactive Reboot in the Works

Twilight Zone

In the right hands, it could be great. It all comes down to the writing, which needs to have Serling’s bite, and the application design – the user experience – which has to find creative ways to engage the audience to explore a multithreaded plotline without being stupid or obvious. If the technology makes you think about IT rather than the story, it’s failed.

Well, as a matter of fact, I think they’re in good hands!

“Interlude is known for making videos that play like sophisticated choose-your-own-adventure films. The company’s tech first rose to popular prominence more than two years ago with a video revival of Bob Dylan‘s classic anthem “Like a Rolling Stone.” It allowed viewers to channel surf among 16 channels of different actors and reality-TV stars, all lip-syncing along with Dylan’s song.”

The interactive “Like a Rolling Stone” KICKED ASS. It was a seamless and smooth implementation of a great idea, and a technical marvel. So put me down as more than cautiously optimistic about all this. Time, at last, will tell.

Read more about the Twilight Zone reboot here.

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Mattel resurrects ThingMaker as a 3D printer



Great idea, but… I loved my Creepy Crawler oven when I was a junior mad scientist. This thing is $300. They ought to lose a zero off that, otherwise it’s just another trinket for rich kids. Also, about the video – it bothers me to no end when people can’t carry on a conversation without peppering it with corporate cyborg-speak like “disruptive” and “space.” Makes me want to hit them over the head with a folding chair. All that said… I still want one!

Check out the video

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