Jayne County and The War Holes – Live at the Chelsea Hotel

Jayne County and the War Holes

Jayne County and the War Holes

Jayne County – Vocals
Bob Kuch – Guitar
Arena Bound – Guitar
Milo Rock – Bass
Frank Coleman – Drums

What a great gig this was! A pop-up art gallery / rock concert in the bowels of The Chelsea Hotel in New York City. The week before, it had been completely demolished, all the way to to the slats in the walls and floor. Amazingly, organizer Kymara and her crew stepped up and turned it into a glittering cross between the original Warhol Factory and Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.

We learned the tunes via mp3s, had two rehearsals (one with Jayne) and off we went. As it should be. The place was packed, the crowd went nuts and I got to chat with Deborah Harry.

From April 9th, 2010, here’s the final song of the night, the classic barnburner, “Night Time.” CRANK IT. #tbt


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